Honest review of the cheat (only second day of use *will update thread*)


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The cheat is quite simple but gets the job done very well,the gui is very nice to navigate , the murdermode sometimes makes me wonder if im going to be banned for killing someone with a moison through a fucking load of trees but that would just be my fault lmao,
Esp is quite clean although if possible if we you could be able to add friends or maybe mark them a different color ,something to not have them killed by murdermode would be extremely appreciated although im really new to the dayz cheat scene and not sure how difficult coding is for DayzSA.
My last point for this review would be the esp glitching out time to time when there are alot of items/players not sure if its my computer although its usually fixed by turning on the module and waiting 10-15seconds and turning it back on. *Note never has glitched out during a fight/important time for me though so has not been a legitimate issue just when im in a safezone or high pop area (coastal town).
Overall review 8.5/10
There would be some things id like added although again "Id like added" and not sure if it would be beneifical for the cheat itself.


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Thanks a lot for your review :)
What do you mean by the esp glitching out exactly?