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  1. luciz

    Banned nov 24

    Thanks, there was a wave just now, I will turn off cheat.
  2. luciz


    It works
  3. luciz


    It's back online Make sure to use a spoofer!
  4. luciz


    You're right, and really unlucky, it literally starting banning like 30 minutes ago :/
  5. luciz

    Is it Undetected as of now?

    Yes, it is undetected now. There was a wave that included us, but has been fixed since.
  6. luciz

    How to ID Verify

    Hey, Luciz here! Starting from today ID will be required for all users. To get this verification done follow these steps: Open Go to your profile Physically show your ID card in front of the monitor, so that both cheatsbuddy and your id card is seen Send it to Luciz (me) via PM...
  7. luciz

    Good but has issues

    Thanks for your honest review :) Indeed cheat did get detected, it's set to be back up during the end of this month. Hope you'll be around by then so I can restart your sub :)
  8. luciz

    Official Resellers

    Hey, Luciz here! On site CheatsBuddy only accepts Crypto payments PayPal, some of you may not be able to use this. Listed resellers are able to activate your subscriptions instantly. Thatguy Contact him at: * Discord: Thatguy#2268 * Telegram Group * Elitepvpers Accepted payment methods: *...
  9. luciz

    Downtime Compensation

    Heya, I think it's safe to say cheat is undetected, and therefore we are leaving Beta and moving on to full version :) During this beta there has also been some improvements feature wise, for example: * corpse_esp - shows dead bodies (so no more dead body spam in player esp) * helicrash_esp -...
  10. luciz

    Beta live and FREE

    Heya! To keep it quick, Lifetimers get FREE beta access, normal users will have to buy the roll (which is permanent). It only costs 15 eur and gives you around 2 weeks to test the cheat, if everything has gone well by the 11th of October, the beta will be put on hold and your old sub will be...
  11. luciz

    Quick Update

    Hey! I just want to give you guys some information on whats going on. Starting with some rather positive news is that I am planning to have the cheat back up in testing by the latest mid-october. This testing phase will be only available for lifetimers and possibly some handpicked users. Also...
  12. luciz

    payment methods

    Sadly I cant accept paypal anymore.
  13. luciz

    payment methods

    Had to remove it due to the amount of chargebacks and hacked accounts
  14. luciz

    question about the cheat.

    Most bans we receive are single server bans, by their respective admins. We had one wave on BattlEye so far, it was in beginning of this month. I'm sure theres someone in the customer discord that can help you get a spoofer.
  15. luciz

    question about the cheat.

    Sadly no spoofer included, and DayZ does HWID bans indeed.
  16. luciz

    Bigpapa's Review

    Thanks for your review :)
  17. luciz


    Nope, sorry
  18. luciz

    payment methods

    Sadly there’s only PayPal and Crypto.
  19. luciz

    Questions about Cheat.

    There was one ban recently (last 2 months) Its internal so fullscreen works. Its more a question of which arent, there are Windows 7 users even, but since theres no driver involved it should work all the way up from there.
  20. luciz

    The hack supports the amd CPU

    yes it does :)