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I just want to give you guys some information on whats going on.

Starting with some rather positive news is that I am planning to have the cheat back up in testing by the latest mid-october.
This testing phase will be only available for lifetimers and possibly some handpicked users.

Also some news that I'm sure there will be mixed feelings about from you guys, is that I will require ID verification for all customers (not lifetimers) in the future.
Reason being I've had a bunch of chargebacks on paypal that left me in a little debt, but it also feels good having a somewhat knowing of who is who, to prevent multi accounting and such.

I have more changes planned, but will not announce yet as it's not relevant yet.

Also there isn't really any negative news, only for me really.
The fact that I need to pay server bills, some refunds and chargebacks, and without having an income right now is pretty difficult.
If anyone is interested in helping me with this just hit me up on discord, just let me know what you'd like me to do for exchange, I don't like accepting straight up donations too much.

Also, to clarify, this isn't a fully detailed announcement.
There will be more details for each update as they come closer to being made.

Anyhow, to end it... Thanks a lot for the kind words recently!
And for those of you who have been patient, thank you as well!
I really hope you understand me, aswell as I understand you, so feel free to respond to this thread with any question you may have :)


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Hey lucid, you probably don't remember me but I was one of the first 5 people that purchase your cheat. I quit after a couple months of playing due to being laid off from this whole coronavirus pandemic thing. I know this whole Covid19 situation is affecting a lot of people. But luckily I was able to find another job recently. Once Friday come, I'll reach out to you on discord, and donate a bit to help keep the server running. Planning to get back into DayZ again after seeing a lot of new people started playing.